Thoughts And Perspectives From The Team

30 Years in Business and How We Have Adapted and Diversified

AUTHOR T Bailey, Inc.

PUBLISHED Dec 13, 2021

Founded in 1991, T BAILEY, INC. started out as a dream for independence and innovative growth. The past 30 years have seen T BAILEY, INC.一 named for Gene Tanaka’s daughter, Bailey 一 expand in business as a leader in innovation, quality, and safety.

Our expertise has been built from the ground up: now, we serve as general contractor, subcontractor, and supplier to customers from a wide range of industries, bringing innovation, diversification and quality to every fabrication and construction project.

T BAILEY, INC. From the 90s Until Now

With facilities now spanning 120,000 square feet and 25 acres, it is hard to believe T BAILEY, INC, INC. started out only doing field work. By waiting for just the right opportunities, Tanaka was able to join with Red Samm Construction for a five-year joint venture in contracting.

After this five years of consistent, high quality work, T BAILEY, INC had grown enough to venture out independently. Moving to Anacortes, T BAILEY, INC built their own facility in order to diversify, handle larger projects and better serve our customers’ needs. Tanaka’s passion for civil, marine, industrial, and building construction complemented his former partner’s, Darrell Lehmann, experience with fabrication and tank erection.

Customer satisfaction and innovation have been core business practices from T BAILEY, INC.’s inception. These values were integral to the expansion of services and our diversified business capabilities give us an edge over the competition.

How We Have Adapted and Diversified

One of our greatest strengths is the vertical integration of both fabrication and construction services and processes we provide in-house. Our business and team has grown naturally, driven by a desire to control quality and scheduling, providing only the best for customers.

Today, we are able to perform earthwork, underground utilities, concrete foundations, carpentry, mechanical work, field erect tanks, shop fabricate heavy steel products, and apply protective coatings. This is different to many other contractors who can only perform a fraction of these fabrication and construction processes.

An example of a revolutionary way we have helped innovate the industry is via the creation of tandem welding. Tandem welding was a completely new innovation that enabled us to vastly speed up our production process as it allows for multiple wires to be welded simultaneously.

Expanding Our Industries

The tandem welding process allowed for huge growth in many new areas: piling, casing, padding, penstock, etc. Having a wide range of construction and fabrication capabilities means we can offer more to customers. Another strength of T BAILEY, INC. is our ability to fully serve customers from the beginning of their project to the end.

Expanding our services from field work and small fabrication to now include design, construction, customization, etc. allows T BAILEY, INC. to promise more exact scheduling, pricing, and quality control compared to other businesses who may only be contractors or fabricators.

Some of our most prominent industry links are:

  • American Institute of Steel Construction Website
  • Steel Tank Institute & Steel Plate Fabricators Association
  • American Water Works Association Website
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • American Welding Society
  • Canadian Welding Bureau

Our Services and Projects

Over the past three decades we have completed projects for the Department of Transportation, municipalities, private developers, wind turbine manufacturers, fuel terminals, chemical plants, paper manufacturers, and many more.

Some of our most prominent projects include an award-winning steel tank for the North Water Reservoir in Gig Harbor, WA, bridge pilings for Port Mann Bridge in British Columbia, Canada, and site development for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Our projects take us all over the Pacific Northwest, up into Canada and Alaska, and even all the way to Hawai’i.

30 Years of Commitment to Quality and Integrity

Tanaka’s original dream was to become a well-rounded company that could tackle even the most complex of projects and leave customers happy by giving them more than expected. Customer service and high quality have been at the heart of T BAILEY, INC from the very beginning. Our commitment to integrity permeates every single project, guaranteeing only the best possible results.

The team at T BAILEY, INC. not only demonstrates integrity and dedication, but are also community-minded and determined to constantly improve. If you have any projects, the friendly team of experts at T BAILEY, INC. will provide the passion and knowledge necessary to successfully complete it. Give us a call today!