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Fireguard® Tanks: How T BAILEY INC. Fabricated Disaster- Resistant Fuel Tanks For The Air Force

T BAILEY, INC. is proud to be a licensed fabricator of STI Fireguard® tanks — robust fuel tanks designed in accordance with UL2085 that provide a dependable source of fuel in the face of adverse environmental conditions.

One Fireguard® project we recently completed was for a US Air Force base in Alaska. The client approached us with a request to..

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Recent Coding Updates And How They Affect Our Customers

As an industry-leading steel fabricator, we at T BAILEY, INC. take every step we can to deliver the highest quality fabrication to our customers. And one of the ways we do this is by maintaining our top-tier certifications.

From time to time, the organizations and committees behind our industry certifications update their codes and standards in..

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T BAILEY's Unique, Adaptable Shipping Options For Your Fabrication Project

Most people have heard of the age old real estate agent phrase “location, location, location,” which is often the biggest factor in choosing a new home.

Often more overseen, the location of your job site can also be a big factor in the overall design of your product. If you can’t get it to the site then you have a problem right from the beginning.

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5 Ways to Overcome Complacency In The Workplace and Maintain Safety

Did you know that about 80 out of every 100 accidents are the fault of the person involved in the incident?

Individuals performing unsafe acts cause four times as many accidents and injuries as unsafe conditions. Those combined statistics can be frustrating to employers who are trying to make work conditions safe, but still have accidents happen...

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T BAILEY, INC Featured in Business View Magazine: Leading The Way In Safety, Quality Control, and Pr

T BAILEY, INC was recently featured in Business View Magazine. The interview with Justin Rawls, our VP of Operations, provided a brief history of T BAILEY, INC and what makes our company stand out in the industry.

Our roots started in construction, but we quickly saw the value we could bring to our customers by growing to include fabrication and..

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Industrial Coating, Metalizing, Coatings System

Have You Considered Metalizing as a Solution for Your Coatings System Need?

 When a steel product is going to be exposed to harsh elements, it is important to protect it against corrosion and wear with a coatings system. Environments like petrochemical plants, marine environments, and pedestrian traffic areas are worth considering for a coatings system.


Considering Different Coating Systems

Metalizing and galvanizing..

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