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Tank Inspection: Why Is It Important?

Whether your industrial tanks are designed to store fuel or water, it is vital to have them tested regularly. A tank inspection will identify any problems that threaten the structural integrity of the tank, like corrosion. As this article explains, regular testing will prevent leaks and other potentially serious problems.


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Chemical Tanks: Types & Designs | T Bailey, INC.

Chemical tanks are a vital utility for storage and processing across many industries. Chemicals can be inert or corrosive, acidic or alkaline, toxic or non-toxic, stable or volatile, etc. Regardless of the characteristics of the contained substance, a safe, secure, and well-managed tank is essential to avert health and environmental risks.


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The Daily Journal of Commerce Shares Its Thoughts on T BAILEY’s New Office Space

T BAILEY’s president and CEO Gene Tanaka teams up with renowned Seattle architect Tom Kundig to create a centralized office space at the company’s main campus. The driving design concept for the project was to create an office space that aligns with and connects back to the fundamental work of T BAILEY. The inauguration of this new office..

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Types of Floating Roof Tanks

All floating roof tanks provide safe, efficient storage of volatile products with minimum vapor loss to the environment. They're particularly useful in the petrochemical industry, for products with high vapor pressure such as naphtha, gasoline, and crude oil.

Reducing filling and breathing losses benefits the bottom line, and helps to meet..

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Pressure Vessel Design Process Explained: Importance, Design Selection, & Costs

Pressure vessel designing is a highly specialized process requiring expert engineering knowledge. These tanks are used to store often volatile substances under pressure. Any fault in design or fabrication could result in catastrophic failure, causing serious harm to people and the environment.

Some frequently asked questions are, “What design..

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Tank Heads: What Is a Tank Head & How to Select the Correct One

T BAILEY, INC. understands that the selection process for tank heads can be complicated. With several shapes and styles to choose from, how do you decide on the best end cap for your tank? Selecting the right tank head is crucial to the structural integrity and proper functioning of your tank.In fact, there is a whole lingo just for describing..

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