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T BAILEY's Unique, Adaptable Shipping Options For Your Fabrication Project

AUTHOR George Lang

PUBLISHED Oct 23, 2018

Most people have heard of the age old real estate agent phrase “location, location, location,” which is often the biggest factor in choosing a new home.

Often more overseen, the location of your job site can also be a big factor in the overall design of your product. If you can’t get it to the site then you have a problem right from the beginning.

T BAILEY, INC. has a history of helping solve problems. Our close proximity to the water, rail, and freeway provides a variety of shipping options and increases the scope of what can be fabricated at our facility, all while saving time and money for your project.  

shipping steel tank fabrication


T BAILEY Has Your Shipping Solution

Working with a qualified project manager is essential to identifying shipping limitations and finding the right solution to tackle challenges that arise; things to consider include type of material, the amount/size, and overall weight of the product. It is also important to consider job site access and limitations that must be overcome. Each of these factors will play a role in determining the method of transportation and if shop fabrication or field erection is best suited.  

We pride ourselves in being creative when faced with challenges, employing and working with the best in the industry who are always willing to try something new. T BAILEY, INC. has several methods of transportation that allow flexibility and solutions to problems.

shipping industrial tanks

Shipping by Truck

T BAILEY, INC has the ability to truck products that range in the size of a standard load, oversized load, and super load.

  • Standard loads are considered those that are a maximum of 8 feet wide x 48 feet long and 45,000lbs.
  • An oversized load is under 16 feet tall and 16 feet wide and up to 125,000lbs.
  • Superloads are loads that are over 16 feet tall and 16 feet wide and over 125,000lbs. 

T BAILEY, INC. has our own skilled drivers who can transport products locally to the job site or can work with outside trucking companies for longer distances and oversized loads. T BAILEY, INC. is a skilled steel fabricator and construction company.

barge shipping industrial tanks

Shipping by Barge

Depending upon the destination of your product, if the product is too wide, tall, or heavy to transport on a truck T BAILEY, INC. will utilize barge freight. Barge transportation has been very effective for products located in Alaska, Hawaii, or other job sites with water access. This can be a cost-effective way to save your customers money on a well-planned project.

Having the ability to barge steel fabricated tanks allows T BAILEY, INC. to fabricate and finish-coat larger products in our facility. The product can be shipped directly from Anacortes to your job site or transferred onto a larger ship for ocean transport.

If you’re up against a tight deadline, T BAILEY, INC. can contract thru a steamship to help expedite the order to your job site. Steamships can usually accommodate the same size products as a barge can, but move the items in days instead of weeks.

We’ve shipped directly from our manufacturing facility fully erected and coated tanks that were 26 feet in diameter and 20 feet tall. We have also shipped fully fabricated coated tanks that were 12 feet x 14 feet x 64 feet long and weighed 93,800 lbs. Having the access to barge has allowed T BAILEY, INC. to fabricate larger tanks in our facility as an alternative to field erected tanks.  

Shipping by Rail

T BAILEY, INC. has access to a rail spur, and can transport product via rail. Depending upon the job site location, this might make the most amount of sense for your project.

We have the ability to perform at many points along a project as the supplier or a general contractor performing civil construction and field erection. Having the ability to perform along various points of a job has given us the knowledge and ability to be flexible during the construction process.

T BAILEY Coordinates Your Shipping Needs

We seek to fully understand the job as a whole, which might impact our scope or help solve potential problems.

Before the product is fabricated for transportation we help to identify upcoming issues by learning:

  • Logistical site access and constraints

  • Proper dunnage and temporary supports for product support

  • Fabrication of cradles for product stabilization

  • Loading and unloading potential problems and equipment availability

  • Pick points and lashing points that can be incorporated into fabrication 

  • Downstream transportation congruency minimizing or eliminating damage to product and unnecessary handling.   

T BAILEY, INC. will work with various parties to help coordinate the project. This includes (but is not limited to) the owner, engineer, general contractor, or outside shipping companies – we help plan the logistics of the job and perform a cost analysis to help ensure the proper shipping and fabrication method is chosen.

T BAILEY Has Your Shipping Covered

We’re here to partner with you to work through any issues you with your job. Don’t let the logistics of transportation be a sticking point for you. Having various transportation options has allowed T BAILEY, INC. to fabricate products on a larger scale, helping save time and money for our customers. We welcome new challenges!

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