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T BAILEY Construction Services: What We Fabricate and Ship for Canada

AUTHOR T Bailey, Inc.

PUBLISHED Nov 22, 2021

Customer satisfaction and top-tier quality have been at the core of T BAILEY, INC. since it first began in 1991. These core tenets propelled T BAILEY, INC. to the forefront of the industry, enabling us to expand all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond, including into Canada. 

Our steel fabrication experts reliably deliver a variety of steel products, from penstock to pressure vessels to shop-built tanks. We also provide comprehensive service from start to finish, for both American and Canadian customers. 

If you have any questions about shipping in Canada or already have a project ready to start, please give T BAILEY, INC. a call today.

Construction Fabrication Services

With a 125,000 square-foot fabrication shop and 14,000 square-foot industrial coatings facility prominently located on over 30 acres of T BAILEY, INC.'s wider steel fabrication facilities, we have the ability to manage your project through each step. Completing your project with T BAILEY, INC. means saving a significant amount of time and money as there is no need for multiple contractors. 

Our team has experts in design, engineering, and construction, as well as in-house certified quality inspectors. All products are vigorously tested for quality, longevity, and safety. 

Shop-Built Tanks

T BAILEY, INC. is a trusted leader in steel tank fabricator. Shop-built tanks are one of our popular products and we have shipped a multitude of tanks to Canada, including fire-resistant, thermal storage, atmospheric, etc. 

A strength of T BAILEY, INC. with regards to equipment fabrication is internal industrial coating shop. As we can finish the industrial coating一 for any type of stored material, including chemicals, water, and animal by-products一 we can precisely control the budget and timeline of your project.

Industrial Coatings

The industrial coatings shop is located right next to the steel tank fabrication facility. A rail system connects the two buildings and makes it possible to quickly and easily transfer manufactured steel parts.

We prepare and coat all parts using our top-notch technology in combination with some of our own innovations. In addition, we offer metalization, a coating process that uses aluminum or zinc to coat parts and prevent corrosion. Adding a protective coating in-house before shipping to Canada reduces the overall cost. 

Pressure Vessels

T BAILEY, INC. are construction experts who closely adhere to industry standards: American, Canadian, and international. That is why our team is certified to perform repairs to pressure vessels as well as manufacturing tanks compliant with ASME Section VIII Div 1 standards. 

Reflecting our focus on customer needs and satisfaction, our equipment fabrication can be specialized to individual projects. We can fabricate a variety of pressure vessels, such as a process vessel or heat exchanger, and their corresponding vessel heads, be they hemispherical or flanged and dished. 

Penstock Fabrication

Penstock is inherently varied in its sizing and fabrication, making T BAILEY, INC. a perfect choice. We have experience fabricating penstock more than 15 feet in diameter and 120 feet in length and combined with our design and engineering experts, we can provide assistance in creating the most efficient penstock for your needs. Penstock can also be coated to specification before shipping to Canada.

Casing and Piling

Size is not a problem for delivery to Canada for casing and piling. We are able to ship casing and piling over 240 feet long and with a diameter of 15 feet or more. As our location is near the Anacortes port, we can ship via barge, train, or truck. 

Industrial Steel Stack Fabrication

Our industrial steel stack abilities are limitless. We can fabricate, replace, repair, and ship to Canada. Whether your steel stacks are 10 feet or 100, we can deliver.

Reliable Services to Canada

T BAILEY, INC. has been servicing the Pacific Northwest and into Canada for many years, always with a focus on innovation, stellar customer service, and quality products. If you have any specific questions regarding our available services or shipping in Canada, please call us today! Our friendly team of professionals is always eager to help with an existing project or start a new one.