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Industrial Chemical Tanks: The Different Types & Design Features

AUTHOR T Bailey, Inc.

PUBLISHED Nov 17, 2023

Chemical tanks are a vital utility for storage and processing across many industries. Chemicals can be inert or corrosive, acidic or alkaline, toxic or non-toxic, stable or volatile, etc. Regardless of the characteristics of the contained substance, a safe, secure, and well-managed tank is essential to avert health and environmental risks.

T BAILEY, INC. primarily fabricates steel chemical bulk storage tanks for petroleum products. However, we service other sectors and have the facilities to create customized tanks for your specific application. Read on to explore how our expert team takes your requirements for industrial chemical tanks from design to reality.


What Exactly Is an Industrial Chemical Storage Tank?

Industrial chemical storage tanks are robust, specialized containers designed for the controlled storage and dispensing of chemical substances. Size can vary greatly, with capacity ranging from tens to millions of gallons! Regardless of size, most vessels must comply with jurisdictional, legislative, and regulatory codes and standards to ensure safety and structural integrity.

Any steel aboveground chemical bulk storage tank must include specific features to prevent or mitigate any possible harm or losses if the tank is damaged or develops a leak. The three critical protection features are:

  • A secondary containment system.
  • A leak detection system.
  • A cathodic protection system.


What Types of Steel Chemical Tanks Do We Build?

T BAILEY, INC. manufactures steel chemical tanks to ASME, API, and UL specifications according to client requirements. We focus on carbon steel tank fabrication but also produce shop-built stainless steel tanks for specialized applications.

We mainly build tanks for the storage of:

  • Petroleum products: Diesel, oil, crude, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, asphalt, etc.
  • Pulp and paper products: White liquor, black liquor, pulp, caustics, some acids, etc.

However, we are fully equipped to build unique tanks of any size. Some of our more interesting and challenging projects include storage solutions for fish oil, wheat chaff, and peroxide. Just ask us what you need!


Our Tank Fabrication Process From Design to Delivery

Here’s a run-through of the process we follow to create your tank:

  1. We receive a bid and proposal opportunity with specifications including:
    1. Product to be stored.
    2. Tank size, shape, and capacity.
    3. Any codes and standards.
    4. Design requirements.
  2. Our engineer draws up an initial simple bid design.
  3. On acceptance, the engineer does the complete design engineering.
  4. We make detailed shop drawings with information about the specific materials and assemblies to guide the manufacturing process
  5. Fabrication is governed by size:
    1. We shop-build tanks up to 24’ in diameter and 30’ in height.
    2. Larger, heavy tanks are made as component kits and welded together in the field.
  6. We transport the tank or kit to the site:
    1. By barge: Up to 24’ in diameter.
    2. By road: Up to 12’ in diameter.
  7. We install or erect the tank in the field.
  8. We complete any associated civil work.
  9. Finally, we hand over the site to the customer.


Quality Control vs. Quality Assurance

People have this notion that you can control quality through careful inspection. However, this isn’t the case. The accurate indicator of quality is ensuring that everything possible is done to prevent problems rather than detect them. That is the critical distinction between quality control and quality assurance. It all boils down to good design and engineering!

Here at T BAILEY, INC., we implement quality assurance procedures for every aspect and step of the fabrication process:

  • All our welders and crane operators are certified. Furthermore, our coatings specialists require specific certifications for their applications.
  • We check our welding procedures meet the specifications according to governing codes.
  • Our welders must demonstrate their ability to perform a specific welding procedure in the process, position and location required and for the specified material and thickness.
  • We establish quality assurance checkpoints during the fabrication process to ensure weld procedures are within tolerances and done without taking any shortcuts.


What Sets T BAILEY, INC. Apart From Other Tank Manufacturers?

The following points illustrate factors that make T BAILEY, INC. the preferred tank manufacturer:

  • Specialization in field-erected tanks: We can build tanks of any size in virtually any location, servicing Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.
  • Strong reputation for quality: Our decades of experience, expert team, and stringent quality processes ensure our durable tanks meet industry standards and safety requirements.
  • Tailored solutions: Our diverse portfolio showcases our adaptability to different requirements and meeting unique client needs.
  • Innovative technology: Our advanced welding and coating methods improve tank performance and lifespan.
  • Exceptional project management: We provide comprehensive services, from design to on-time, on-budget project completion.


T BAILEY, INC.: Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Chemical Tanks

Discover excellence in industrial chemical tank manufacturing with T BAILEY, INC. Our dedicated team has the capacity and skills to overcome your industrial chemical storage challenge. Choose us as your trusted partner to safeguard your chemical storage needs.

Contact us today to discuss the specific requirements for your tank type and design.