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Tank Fabrication Safety Precautions & COVID-19 Response

Health and safety precautions are paramount in the tank fabrication industry. Potential health hazards are found everywhere from the fabrication shop to the construction job site, including metal fumes, toxic waste, heat stress, swinging beams, heavy equipment, and working at height — to name a few. 

At T BAILEY INC., we understand that a company..

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Types of Water Storage Tanks

Are you trying to decide which type of water storage tank to install at your facility? While the wide variety of water tanks may be initially overwhelming, you can quickly determine the best tank for your situation by considering several factors: 

  • Application. What kind of water is your tank going to store? 
  • Capacity. How much water do you..
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Different Types of Shop-Built Tanks

In contrast to field-erected tanks, which are constructed at the job site, shop-built tanks are fabricated and assembled within a tank manufacturing facility. After assembly, testing and coating, the completed tanks are then shipped to the job site and installed. 

There are many different types of shop-built tanks, each one optimized to store a..

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Should API 5L Pipe Be Used for Casing? How API 5L Alternatives Can Save You Money

API 5L is a robust seamless and welded steel pipe specified by the American Petroleum Institute and designed for use in pipeline transportation systems. This steel pipe is optimized for transporting petroleum and natural gas and is subjected to rigorous hydrostatic, NDE, and destructive testing to ensure it can withstand internal pressures.


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Five Awesome Custom Built Tank Projects

At T BAILEY INC. we pride ourselves on being able to fabricate a wide range of complex and demanding tank projects.

This blog post will introduce you to five of the most memorable custom fabrication tank projects we’ve completed over the past 20 years.



1. A Trip to France and Six 70,000-Gallon Shop-Built Tanks

We were approached by an..

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T BAILEY, INC Featured in Business View Magazine: Leading The Way In Safety, Quality Control, and Pr

T BAILEY, INC was recently featured in Business View Magazine. The interview with Justin Rawls, our VP of Operations, provided a brief history of T BAILEY, INC and what makes our company stand out in the industry.

Our roots started in construction, but we quickly saw the value we could bring to our customers by growing to include fabrication and..

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