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An Innovation in Steel Tank Fabrication Increased Productivity and Cut Costs

In today’s world, innovation and technical capability have become survival mechanisms – this is also true for steel tank fabricators. Innovation is often

the answer to the unique challenges that arise when constructing large field erected tanks.

The challenges arise not only from logistics and planning

, but also regarding process and equipment..

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Field Erected Tanks, Aboveground Storage Tanks

Are You Inspecting Your Above Ground Storage Tank(s) as Required by Code?

If you own an above ground storage tanks you have the responsibility to inspect them after they are placed in service in order to maintain their integrity. A robust inspection and maintenance program will prevent leaks, preserve your asset, and avoid costly repair and environmental damage.

Aboveground storage tanks that are built to Standard API..

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Field Erected Tanks, El Segundo Bottom

Is An El Segundo Bottom the Answer to Your Leaky Steel Tank?

You’ve just received your API 653 inspection report and are faced with the hard reality that your aboveground steel tank (AST) has a leaking bottom. What do you do now? How do you stop the leaking and ensure it won’t haunt you later down the road? How much will the repair cost?



These are all important questions you might be faced with as you..

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Field Erected Tanks, Industrial Coating

Why You Need A Steel Tank Company With Their Own Industrial Coatings Division

Have you wondered if it's important to select a welded steel tank company that owns its own industrial coatings division? Well, wonder no longer – the answer is it is very important!

The coating process begins early in the fabrication process and even precedes it in some cases. By controlling the coating application, T BAILEY, INC. ensures..

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T Bailey, Inc. Announces New Resource on Steel Tank Construction and Fabrication

T Bailey, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of a new resource on metal fabrication and construction. Led by their decades of experience in metal fabrication and construction, T Bailey, Inc. will be sharing on a new blog the knowledge that has enabled them to exceed client’s expectations since 1991.With a unique company structure and expertise..
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