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Industrial Coating, Metalizing, Coatings System

Have You Considered Metalizing as a Solution for Your Coatings System Need?

 When a steel product is going to be exposed to harsh elements, it is important to protect it against corrosion and wear with a coatings system. Environments like petrochemical plants, marine environments, and pedestrian traffic areas are worth considering for a coatings system.

Considering Different Coating Systems

Metalizing and galvanizing..

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Industrial Coating

Surface Preparation Methods: Why You Need Both Automated and Manual Blasting Operations

The surface preparation of steel is the first critical step to ensuring a coatings project is going to last a long time. Before the project can begin it is important to remove mill scale and any other contaminants present on the surface to be coated. The mill scale is the flake surface of hot rolled steel that is present after the steel is forged...

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Industrial Coating, Water Storage Reservoir, AWWA

Why Your AWWA Steel Water Storage Reservoir Needs Regular Inspections and Recoatings

Public municipalities and or private water districts both possess a great deal of responsibility to the condition of their existing AWWA D100 water storage reservoirs. Whether your tank is large or small, all water storage tanks need to be periodically inspected and cleaned in order to provide good water quality for the community and help extend..

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Industrial Coating

Why You Need A Steel Tank Company With Their Own Industrial Coatings Division

Have you wondered if it's important to select a welded steel tank company that owns its own industrial coatings division? Well, wonder no longer – the answer is it is very important! Here's why.

Why Industrial Coating And Steel Tank Fabrication Should Be Paired

The coating process begins early in the fabrication process and even precedes it in..

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