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Tank Roof Seal Welding Guide: Perfect Time to Seal Weld Your Water Tank

Early detection and mitigation of a leaking water tank are paramount in any event where tanks are used. Likewise, being able to locate such information on re-welding the water storage tank seal welding is vital to know the exact process for a successful repair, as well as the professional assistance that is required. Continuous inspection of your..

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Storage Tank Maintenance Checklist

This brief guide outlines all the necessary stages in storage tank maintenance, for the safe containment of oil, chemicals, pulp, paper, etc. Regular and thorough tank inspections are critical to proactively identifying and repairing potential problems, which might lead to tank failure and disastrous environmental contamination or workplace..

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Process Piping Fabrication

Process piping is essential for many industries: commercial, municipal, chemical, paper, textile, pharmaceutical, etc. They may be invisible on a daily basis, but these process piping systems are responsible for carrying water, chemicals, and much more.

T BAILEY, INC. is a reliable contractor for any industry project, understanding the nuances of..

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30 Years in Business and How We Have Adapted and Diversified

Founded in 1991, T BAILEY, INC. started out as a dream for independence and innovative growth. The past 30 years have seen T BAILEY, INC.一 named for Gene Tanaka’s daughter, Bailey 一 expand in business as a leader in innovation, quality, and safety.

Our expertise has been built from the ground up: now, we serve as general contractor,..

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T BAILEY Construction Services: What We Fabricate and Ship for Canada

Customer satisfaction and top-tier quality have been at the core of T BAILEY, INC. since it first began in 1991. These core tenets propelled T BAILEY, INC. to the forefront of the industry, enabling us to expand all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond, including into Canada. 

Our steel fabrication experts reliably deliver a variety of steel..

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What Is Heavy Metal Fabrication?

This is the process of constructing large industrial applications, like tanks, reservoirs, and smokestacks out of steel. 

Building structures like these require a huge amount of powerful equipment, teams of skilled craftsmen, and many decades of experience to manage the weight of logistics involved effectively. 

If you’re new to the world of..

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