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What Is Heavy Metal Fabrication?

This is the process of constructing large industrial applications, like tanks, reservoirs, and smokestacks out of steel. 

Building structures like these require a huge amount of powerful equipment, teams of skilled craftsmen, and many decades of experience to manage the weight of logistics involved effectively. 

If you’re new to the world of..

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Field Erected Tanks, FAQs

Field Erected Storage Tanks - FAQs

As steel fabricators of industrial storage tanks, we at T BAILEY INC. hear a lot of field-erected tanks frequently asked questions. So to help our potential customers and readers on Google find the answers they’re looking for, we’ve compiled this list of FAQs, with answers given by some of the leading experts in our fab shop. 

1. How Large Can a..

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The Five Crowns of Quality Tank Construction

From oil refineries to manufacturing facilities and even hospitals, quality tank construction is a vital need for every American industry. But how do you determine which tank manufacturer is most reliable? This blog post will introduce you to the five crowns of quality tank construction to help you find the best tank manufacturing company for your..

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Different Types of Industrial Coatings & Their Applications

Industrial coatings play a critical role in helping storage tanks, reservoirs, penstock, and other industrial applications stand the test of time. Continue reading to learn more about what industrial coatings are, the applications they protect, and what types of industrial paints are available.

What Are Industrial Coatings?

Coatings and..

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Types of Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are containers for the containment of pressure, either internal or external. These robust vessels play a crucial role in most industries and thousands of people work closely with or around pressure vessels every day. Despite their key role in our global economy, most people don’t understand what pressure vessels are. If this is..

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Pressure Vessel Certification Requirements

Pressure vessels are robust storage containers that hold products under pressures ranging from 15 PSI all the way up to a whopping 3,000 PSI. While vessels can be built to hold higher pressures, the certification requirements for these are increasingly stringent. The most common types of pressure vessels are process vessels, heat exchangers, and..

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