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Liquid Storage Tank: Cone Bottom Tanks vs Flat Bottom Tanks

When choosing a liquid storage tank, an important feature is whether it should be a cone bottom or flat bottom tank. Selection is affected by several factors, such as your budget, the size of the tank, what type of liquid is being stored, the tank’s location, transportability, and size.

Everyone will have a unique set of parameters to consider,..

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What are the Benefits of Using Steel in Construction

What are the benefits of using steel in construction? This question has a dual answer. Firstly, this versatile alloy is the most important metallic component of all construction work. Secondly, most construction equipment is also fabricated primarily out of steel. From heavy beams to thin wires, steel offers endless possibilities!

Uses of Steel..

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Single Wall vs. Double Wall Fuel Tanks

There are several different types of fuel storage tanks and choosing the right one can be daunting. However, the first step is to undertake a comparison between single wall vs. double wall fuel tanks.

Safety is the key issue when it comes to fuel storage. It’s essential to protect both people and the environment from the possible dangers of toxic..

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Tank Roof Seal Welding Guide: Perfect Time to Seal Weld Your Water Tank

Early detection and mitigation of a leaking water tank are paramount in any event where tanks are used. Likewise, being able to locate such information on re-welding the water storage tank seal welding is vital to know the exact process for a successful repair, as well as the professional assistance that is required. Continuous inspection of your..

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Storage Tank Maintenance Checklist

This brief guide outlines all the necessary stages in storage tank maintenance, for the safe containment of oil, chemicals, pulp, paper, etc. Regular and thorough tank inspections are critical to proactively identifying and repairing potential problems, which might lead to tank failure and disastrous environmental contamination or workplace..

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Process Piping Fabrication

Process piping is essential for many industries: commercial, municipal, chemical, paper, textile, pharmaceutical, etc. They may be invisible on a daily basis, but these process piping systems are responsible for carrying water, chemicals, and much more.

T BAILEY, INC. is a reliable contractor for any industry project, understanding the nuances of..

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